Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the hives located?

Mostly in Utah, Salt Lake, and Davis Counties. Many honey companies in Utah get their honey from Cache County and surrounding Idaho and Montana, but ours is about as local as you are going to get in the Wasatch Mountain area. 

Does eating local honey help with allergies?

Many of our customers are convinced that local raw honey has a significant impact on their allergies. Some of them see results in as little as a couple of weeks.  ​

Is your honey really raw?

Yes! A surprising amount of local honey companies heat their honey up for bottling convenience and still claim it's "raw" because it's under a certain temperature (105 F and 118 F are common temperatures honey is heated up to). Our honey is completely cold processed and you can tell the difference. Yes, it takes forever, but we couldn't imagine doing it any other way.

The honey has solidified, is that normal?

Yes. Honey that is truly raw will solidify in a relatively short amount of time. It takes on a creamy texture that most people come to love. Just take a spoon or knife and stir it up a bit (kind of like mixing natural peanut butter). Doing an inch or two of the jar at a time will leave a good amount to work with. You can also put the jar in a warm window sill or a bowl of warm water.

Do you filter your honey?

We only coarse filter, which means we don't let the chunks of wax into the jars. You'll still get all the pollen that naturally comes in honey.

What flowers are your bees visiting?

The bees are true opportunists and will only go as far away from the hive as they have to. There are a few standard flows that you can depend on, but some flowers bloom twice a year and ultimately it just depends on the nectar the bees find.You can have two hives right next to each other visiting completely different flowers. 

How do I plant my wildflowers?

Great question! There are a couple of basic instructions on the back and we're working on putting together a video with more detailed instructions. Essentially you just lightly sprinkle the seeds over a 35 square foot area. Then you can gently rub them into the ground with your hand or sprinkle a light layer of compost (1/8th inch deep). Makes sure to keep them wet for 15-30 days. You'll see little shoots start to come up and in no time the flowers will be popping out and bees will come running! Contact us if you have further questions and email us picture of your garden or tag us on Instagram at @hollowtreehoney.

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