Hollow Tree Story

In old growth forests the heart wood of mature trees will eventually rot out, creating a cavity that is ideal for honeybees to thrive in. The bees build comb, raise baby bees, and store the precious nectar they've gathered. In the winter they huddle together for warmth and the wood cavity creates an insulating barrier to keep the heat in and absorb moisture from condensation.

Call us old fashioned, but we believe THE BEES KNOW BEST. We are happy to wait for the slow flowing river of gold to fill up our jars! The honey we sell is the same raw honey the bees eat themselves. Always pure, never heated, coarse filtered so the honey retains all the good stuff. The bees work so hard to gather and cure this amazing honey, the least we can do is bottle it in a way that preserves its integrity and flavor. You'll love the way this honey tastes and every season brings new flavors.

We're just a couple of dreamers thinking we can inspire people to love raw and local honey as much as we do and to help feed the bees along the way. So we include a packet of wildflower seeds to cover 35 square feet! This flower mix has been specifically designed to do well in urban landscapes and provide nectar for honey bees and other local bees all throughout the season.

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Hollow Tree Honey - Origins