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Utah Raw Wildflower Honey

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If you've never experienced raw honey before, you're in for a treat! This honey is packed with flavor, enzymes, and nutrients and is a living super food We retain all the goodness by slowly bottling our honey in a completely cold process. We hope you enjoy!

Utah wildflower comes from hives located on the front and backside of the Wasatch Mountain Range. The flavors of the high desert mountains describe a diversity of surprisingly sweet and fragrant floral notes.

Perfect for your morning teas or drizzle it over a nice warm stack of banana pancakes.

Send your taste buds on a journey of elevations.  Starting at 7000 feet above sea level around cold, crisp rocky mountain air of the Colorado highlands with our Colorado Wildflower Honey.  Then travel about 6500 ft down to the happy bees of the California central valley with our California Orange Blossom honey.  Then finally, kick your feet back and relax down to sea level with a fruity tropical twist with our Hawaiian wildflower honey. 

Each unique flavor profile tells an intimate and delicious story of the hardworking bees and the beautiful region they call home